The street art project A-FENCE

Since 2019, the construction fence near the Park Inn Hotel has been a living art exhibition. Street art works by national and international artists embellish this area and regularly create a new experience for all visitors. From graffiti to impressive murals and creative installations, visitors can discover the diversity of street art here.

What’s behind the Street Art project in Berlin

A-FENCE is one of the most exciting Street Art projects in the capital: On a construction fence with a length of 150 to 240 meters, regularly varied and special art from the Urban Art area is created.

This is how the street art project came into being

A-FENCE encloses a large construction area of the real estate company Covivio. Already in the run-up to the realization of the new high-rise building, the art project is intended to convey new impressions and variety to people visiting this location. Thus, a simple construction fence has become a tangible moment for all visitors to Alexanderplatz.

How A-FENCE enriches the Berlin art scene

Covivio offers artists an oversized canvas with the construction fence. On changing themes, artists create pictures of the most diverse styles in the heart of Berlin. Alexanderplatz combines the diverse aspects of an international metropolis and is the city’s landmark and hotspot. A place of history, a place of transit for around 360,000 people every day and a place that is marked by a great past and at the same time stands for the future of Berlin’s new center. Just the right place for one of the biggest street art galleries in Berlin.

A-FENCE at a glance: Get to know the street art project and the artists inside.

A gallery that is constantly changing: get an impression of the works and their creation at A-FENCE.

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The creative minds behind A-FENCE

Dozens of artists are behind the street art works of A-FENCE. The creative direction lies with the curator of Street Art Berlin, Dr. Diana Marossek. Street Art Berlin organizes local, national and international art projects, exhibitions, events, murals, commissions and artist exchanges.

The company behind the Street Art project

European real estate company Covivio promotes the development of artist:ing in the belief that art contributes to the identity of a place and the construction of a shared space, while stimulating exchange and creativity. In 2017, Covivio joined the “1 building, 1 piece of art” program in France, launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Culture. Since then, the company has been implementing this approach in new or renovated buildings in France, Italy and Germany.

Other Covivio art projects

In addition to A-FENCE, Covivio is also involved in other art projects. For example, Covivio initiated an art campaign in the Baßfeldshof housing estate together with the Youth and Social Affairs department of the city of Dinslaken. Young people from the region responded to the call to design the approximately eleven-meter-wide rear walls of the garage yard operated by Covivio with graffiti motifs. Covivio has also been supporting Lebenshilfe projects for many years – including in the Knappenviertel district of Oberhausen. Here, the facade of the Covivio service center at Falkensteinstraße 298a/corner of Marienburgstraße was transformed by people with mental illness into a colorful and inviting art gallery.