A-FENCE: Street art at Alexanderplatz

Around 200 meters of construction fence, in the middle of Berlin, staged with works of international artists:inside: A-FENCE is one of the largest street art projects in the capital.

This is what is behind the street art exhibition A-FENCE

A-FENCE – the name is a combination of the English “fence” and the letter “A” for Alexanderplatz – is a street art project in the immediate vicinity of the Park Inn Hotel. Since 2019, artists of different styles have been presenting themselves in this lively gallery and bringing art to the square.

Real estate company Covivio creates space for street art in Berlin

Covivio, a European real estate company and owner of the large building plot at Alexanderplatz, is behind A-FENCE. With its “1 building, 1 piece of art” program, the company regularly supports artists across Europe who enliven urban spaces and inspire people.

Visit the A-FENCE Street Art exhibition in Berlin

Discover the A-Fence Street Art Gallery in Berlin: the project is accessible around the clock and free of charge at Alexanderplatz.

Street art: history and facts

What is Street Art?

Street art is a special form of art created publicly on streets, walls, buildings and other urban spaces. It is depicted through graffiti, painting, stencils and other forms of creative expression. Street art is a transnational art form that is publicly accessible to all people. Around the year 2000 it developed into a significant movement, before that only isolated artists were active. Since about 2005, this art form is called street art: Before that, there were also terms such as post-graffiti or urban art, which referred to street art. However, street art has become the dominant form of expression.

What is special about Street Art?

Street art breaks with the conventions of traditional art: it uses public space and establishes a direct connection with the viewer. It aims to provoke, inspire and make people think by bringing art into people’s everyday lives and creating an alternative art scene that is accessible to all.

Where can you find street art everywhere?

Street art is spread all over the world. However: Street Art is also a transient art form. Works can be altered or removed over time. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to explore street art locations on a regular basis. Here are some places where street art is commonly found:

  • Large cities and metropolitan areas. These cities often have certain neighborhoods or streets that are famous for their street art culture.
  • Industrial areas: These places can become street art hotspots.
  • Neighborhoods with alternative culture: street art is often found in alternative neighborhoods with a vibrant cultural scene.
  • Abandoned places: former military installations, old hospitals, empty administrative buildings, etc.

What is the difference between graffiti and street art?

The difference between graffiti and street art lies mainly in the form of expression itself: graffiti is predominantly sprayed letters, street art uses various techniques (also painting, printing, stencils). The approach and perception is also different. Graffiti is often sprayed without permission or illegally. Street art, on the other hand, is a broader art form that encompasses various forms of creative expression on public streets and in urban areas. Unlike graffiti, street art is often created with the owner’s permission or as part of art projects and festivals.