A-FENCE Street Art Gallery in Berlin

Experience art in public space – free of charge and accessible at any time without admission restrictions.

The phases of the A-FENCE

Street Art artworks are often in flux, just like the city that surrounds them. Images emerge, are changed or painted over and disappear again. So it is with the works of the A-FENCE Street Art exhibition. In changing phases with different themes, the works change regularly. So there is always something new to discover.

The individual phases of A-FENCE:

Phase 1

The street artist James Reka started in August 2019 on a total area of 160 meters and covered the fence with an abstract painting that stands out with strong lines, dynamic movements and bold colors. In this way, a simple construction fence was transformed into an inspiring insight into Reka’s art world. The project was accompanied by Yasha Young, curator and director of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin until the end of 2019.

Phase 2

In the second round Age Age and the artist duo RON MILLER designed the A-FENCE Street Art Gallery. Under the motto “We are Europe”, the artists chose motifs that represent solidarity and common strength of a united Europe.

Phase 3:

Currently, the exhibition “Erblühen” can be viewed at the “A – FENCE”. A total of ten artists present their thoughts and ideas on the subject, including Caro Amaya. Her mural “Primary Landscapes” represents the connection between nature and the Berliners, how we interact as humans and how we change our behavior through the experience of color.

How ong can interested people visit the street art gallery in Berlin?

A-FENCE will be open to visitors until about 2024. It is planned that parts of the construction fence so-called Love Pieces will receive a prominent exhibition space in the new building.