Rabea Senftenberg

Rabea Senftenberg is one of the best-known street artists in Germany and also one of the most important female representatives of this style.

Yet her art is not at all linked to the alleged use of a spray can – she does not use one. Ink, marker, pens – these are the means she has been using for years to her own universe on the streets of this world. Ghosts, cats, monsters and robots, all masterfully drawn in the finest detail, stick to entrance doors under gutters, embellish dirt corners and house walls. All originals, all in black and white. Their unmistakable style has made them famous not only in the cities and abandoned and abandoned places, but has also brought them to galleries all over Europe – from Berlin to Athens. Athens, you can admire and buy her canvases, illustrations or cobblestones.

The artist, who has created a genre all of her own through her work, lives and works in Berlin.