Kiki & Rommy

Rommy González

Is a Chilean visual artist from Berlin. She works primarily in the fields of visual communication. As a graphic designer, art director and visual artist, she explores different different media and techniques.

Her work is inspired by the interpretation of nature and the search for an interface between art and science, she takes elements from botanical and scientific scientific illustration to create her own magical landscapes. Her work ranges from illustration, fine art, video, performances, surface design to public art. to public art.

Ekaterina Koroleva

Is a freelance illustrator, born in Russia and living in Berlin.

She is known for her distinctive female portraits and silhouettes, layered expressive with a mixture of organic pencil strokes against colourful washes of ink. With dedication to fashion illustration, Ekaterina gives her own elegant touch of femininity into the images she creates. She works with design agencies worldwide on various commissioned projects such as fashion editorials, interdisciplinary collaborations with various artists, as well as Advertising campaigns and live events.

About the work:

„In Bloom“

The collaborative work of Rommy González and Ekaterina Koroleva revolves around femininity, as the source of all origins in flora and fauna. Cacti and orchids, the symbolic plants of love and beauty, playfully interweave with the muses the Muses – the patron goddesses of the arts, and to visualise the transformation into something new visualise and create an inspiring colourful place for visitors to Alexanderplatz.