Emma Rytoft

Emma Rytoft, b. 1982, Schweden

After moving from Shanghai in 2012, I live and work in Berlin. In the last 8 years years I have painted more than 20 murals in 9 countries. I also work with acrylic on canvas and ink on paper.

My paintings and murals celebrate life in bright colours. Plants, animals and human forms merge with each other and form a special, new reality. The bringing together of living beings in unexpected ways gives the viewer the to reflect on how we humans live in this world, how our affect the plants and animals that share this planet with us, and how we are we are all part of the same, greater reality. How much are we a product of the constraints we impose on ourselves in society?

About the work:
After a barren, lifeless winter, nature reawakens. The five pregnant women shown women represent life. At the same time, the most important factors for the reawakening of nature are integrated: the rain, the earth and sunshine. When we humans see ourselves as part of nature, we can live our best lives full of hope and joy. life full of hope and joy.