Coky One

Born in Aachen in 1985, Cokyone began painting graffiti at the age of 12, which he sprayed on legal and illegal walls and trains.

In 2003, he broke his leg while running away from the police. This was the crux for him to turn his passion for graffiti into a professional practice. Cokyone first applied first applied to study at the University of the Arts in Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, he was not admitted. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his passion and developing as an artist and muralist. artist and mural painter.

The TV heroes and animals of his childhood influence his paintings, as they are “innocent creatures in a crazy and bright world influenced by human culture”.

About the work:
The theme for the project was “Blossoming, a new beginning”.
For me, this process begins with bees pollinating flowers.
To draw attention to the increasing bee mortality, I decided to paint a bee.