Age Age

The Berlin-based artist Age Age focuses in his works on the complexity of life. By constructing a fantastic, overwhelming machinery consisting of a multitude of interwoven elements and symbols, he aims to achieve a change in the audience’s perspective on a particular problem. Age Age deconstructs reality into its individual parts and forms a new composition of things out of it, which represent connections and modes of operation in a different perspective and trigger a new way of thinking in the viewer.

His work is influenced by the mysteries of nature, the myths of past cultures and contemporary, even political events. In his artworks Age Age focuses on a lot of movement through connecting elements such as pipes, cables, etc. and develops artworks that are characterized by complex themes and are often a mixture of graphic and abstract figures.

In this combination his works achieve an extraordinary impression, which is full of hidden messages and stimulates the viewer to think about a deeper meaning of the event.

For A-Fence, Age Age is developing a work on the theme “We are Europe”. Age Age appreciates the cultural exchange that Europe offers and the freedom to travel a lot. He sees the European principle as one of the highest goods and likes to incorporate it into his artistic style.