“A-Fence” is one of the largest street art projects in Berlin. “A-Fence is a composition of the English word “fence” (construction fence) and the letter “A”, which stands for Alexanderplatz. Over a total period of two years, four different temporary street arts will be seen on the approximately 240-meter-long construction fence in the direct vicinity of the Park Inn Hotel on Alexanderplatz. The aim is to transform a simple building fence into an inspiring moment for all visitors of the Alexanderplatz. With its construction fence, Covivio offers an area that the artists can use as a platform for the artistic expression and interpretation on the respective theme.

Now “A – FENCE” enters the next round. On 24th June, 2020 our next artists Age Age and the artist duo Ron Miller started with the art display of the construction fenceUnder the motto “We are Europe”, the artists choose motifs that represent the solidarity and common strength of a united Europe. With many detailed elements, Age Age tells a story marked by transformation, change and challenges, which created the united, strong and also adaptable Europe we know today.  Ron Miller put their focus on the feminine side of Europe. They depict Europe from the point of view of 10 European heroines who have done extraordinary things for Europe, the world, humanity or themselves.

The artists are accompanied by the curatorauthor and CEO of Street Art Berlin Dr. Diana Marossek. Street Art Berlin organizes local, national and international art projectsexhibitionseventsmuralscommissioned works and artist exchanges – always in cooperation with the wishes and needs of the artists at their side.  

Now “A-Fence” enters the next round. On 24th June, 2020 our next artists Age Age and the artist duo RON MILLER started with the art display of the construction fence. Under the motto “We are Europe”, the artists choose motifs that represent the solidarity and common strength of a united Europe. With many detailed elements, Age Age tells a story marked by transformation, change and challenges, which created the united, strong and also adaptable Europe we know today. RON MILLER put their focus on the feminine side of Europe. They depict Europe from the point of view of 10 European heroines who have done extraordinary things for Europe, the world, humanity or themselves.

The artists are accompanied by the curator, author and CEO of Street Art Berlin Dr. Diana Marossek. Street Art Berlin organizes local, national and international art projects, exhibitions, events, murals, commissioned works and artist exchanges – always in cooperation with the wishes and needs of the artists at their side.

The first street artist, James Reka, started to work on the fence in August 2019 on an area of 160 metres in total and covered the fence with an abstract painting that stands out for its strong lines and colours and dynamic movements. The result was a transformation of a simple building fence into an inspiring insight into the art of Reka. The work was accompanied by the curator, gallery owner and until end of 2019 director of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin Yasha Young.

Covivio promotes the development of artists troughout Europe, in the conviction that art contributes to the identity of a place and the construction of a common space, while at the same time stimulating exchange and creativity. With the program “1 building, 1 piece of art” Covivio wants to contribute to the promotion of artists who create the art of tommorow. In 2017, Covivio joined the program, which was launched by the Ministry of Culture in 2015, and has since been applying the approach in new or renovated Covivio buildings in France, Italy and Germany. As the owner of the large building site on Alexanderplatz, where the Park Inn Hotel is also located, Covivio is developing a high-rise project that will combine the themes of working, experiencing and living.

Already in the run-up to the realisation of the new high-rise, the aim of the “A-Fence” art project is to reflect inspiring moments, new impressions and diversity to Alexanderplatz and thus to the people who experience this place. Alexanderplatz combines the many aspects of an international metropolis and is the city’s landmark and hot spot. A place of history, of transit for around 360.000 people every day and a place that is marked by a great past and at the same time stands for the future of Berlin’s new centre.

About Covivio

Covivio is one of the leading European real estate companies with a history of more than 20 years. As a specialist for office, hotel and residential real estate, Covivio is active in the most important European metropolises and owns and manages properties mainly in Germany, France and Italy. As an investor and project developer, Covivio’s vision is to combine work, travel and living and to develop innovative mixed-use concepts. www.covivio.immo